Tales of Finals: Day Two.

Yesterday was my second of three, physical finals for my Sophomore year.  It was Comparative Politics with Dr. Hollander.  I never thought that I could enjoy a course on politics, because I have always looked at politics with a uninterested grimace.  I never “got into” politics in high school because it just wasn’t very interesting to me.  US politics always seemed so droll.  However, learning about other political systems from around the world kept my attention quite well.  It was fun laughing at other messy political systems for once, aside from my constant guffawing at the United States.  The final went okay; it was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated.  I suppose that is my fault for underestimating a Wabash final rather than severely overestimating it.

Tomorrow is my Statistics II final, so today will be spent pouring over formulas and concepts.  Have a good one!

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