Tales of Finals: Day 1

Today, I had my first, physical final of the semester.  I woke up at about 8:00 am, ate some delicious breakfast at Sparks, and then trotted off to my religion final with Dr. Blix.  I experienced one of the most dreadful things that can accompany a final, in my opinion: I finished quickly.  Now, you may say, “Oh, you finished quickly, so you knew everything! Great!”  No, no, no, no, no.  Finishing a final quickly means one of two things.  Either, I knew a large amount of the material and was familiar with it enough to fly through the final.  Or, I was overconfident in my knowledge and flubbed the whole exam.  I’m hoping, and pretty confident, that it was the former but you never know.

Tonight is Midnight Munch, an end of the year event in which the staff, faculty, and president cook breakfast (breakfast+dinner=brinner?) for all of the students.  It’s a very cool even that I have looked forward to every semester.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more “Tales of Finals”.

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