President White’s Farewell, and 300 blogs.

This afternoon was president White’s very emotional chapel talk.  I’m not going to harp too much about the talk because you can read about it here:  I will, however, say that, while I was never too “close” to President White, he was always very friendly in passing and anytime that I did talk to him.  I have witnessed President White ring in two classes, one of which was mine, and I have heard him tell us to turn to the people next to us, our future teachers, and introduce ourselves.  Almost two years ago, I never realized how right President White was when he said that our peers would be our greatest teachers.  This has proven true time and time again.  At President White’s chapel talk, some of us students gave back to our President and rang him out at the end of his talk.  I will miss President and Mrs. White, and I bid them good luck in everything that they do.

Also, this is my 300th blog.  Pretty cool.

President White’s final chapel talk.


The bells used to ring out President White.


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