Senior Chapel

Today was senior chapel, a pretty cool event that happens at the end of every Wabash year.  The Sphinx Club invites four well-known senior Wabash men to come talk about their times, tribulations, and accomplishments at Wabash.

The Chapel was really good; I loved hearing the opinions and stories of people who have been here twice as long as myself.  Two of my favorite quotes of the

Rudy Altergott.

night come from two different seniors’ talks.  The first is: “Wabash isn’t a place where people end up, it’s a place that is earned”.  This is a statement that really got me thinking.  I have never talked to a Wabash man that has claimed to have “just ended up” at Wabash.  All of the people that I have talked to have made conscience, deliberate decisions to come to Wabash.  I know that many people “conscience” decisions to go to whatever college that they end up.  However, these decisions don’t seem as fervent in their application processes as guys who have their hearts set on going to Wabash.

The second quote that that I really liked was “If you haven’t seriously considered transferring, than you haven’t had the full Wabash experience”.  Wabash is such a difficult place that I’m sure it has passed the mind of the average Wally.  I know it has mine.


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