Hey all!  If you have been wondering where I’ve been…so have I.  I have been so engrossed in research papers and studying that I haven’t been aware of my whereabouts for quite some time, but I’m back with a cool story!  That makes my hiatus all better, right?

Have you ever played an RPG (role-playing game)?  I’m not talking about one of them newfangled, fancy vidjama games; I’m talking about an imaginative journey into the body of another character, in a realm far, far away.  I’m talking about things like Dungeons and Dragons and, in the case of this blog, Shadowrun.  You can learn more about Shadowrun here:  Basically, Shadowrunners are a group of people, in the year 2050, that are hired by large corporations to do jobs (steal intel, deliver packages, etc.)  This means that each Shadowrun team needs a motley crew.

Getting our Shadowrunning on.

The Dork Club (we’re the guys who get together to game with actual board/card games) has recently split into contingents of people that want to play different RPGs.  I joined the Shadowrun contingent, and boy am I glad I did.  Preparation for Shadowrun is quite extensive, especially if, like me, you’ve never played.  It consists of creating an entirely fictional character from your imagination (what a novel concept nowadays, right?), making up a back-story, picking an archetype, and gearing up.  I spent man hours pouring over the various Shadowrun user guides that I could get my grubby hands on creating my ideal character.  My character’s name is Seamus O’Toole (brother of Patrick Stroud, who goes by the name of Gershwin O’Toole in Shadowrun).  I am a “decker”, which is the Shadowrun equivalent of a hacker.  I hack into what Shadowrun calls “The Matrix” (this was “The Matrix” 10 years before the Watchowskis got their hands on it) and I get people inside of buildings and keep bad stuff from happening at the technological level (alarms, cameras, etc.).

To be blunt, I loved the game.  I thought it was entertaining, and I got to let my inner thespian loose.  I am excited for more.


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