Spaghetti Dinner

Yesterday, the Secular Student Alliance put on a Pastafarian service and dinner.  You can read more about Pastafarianism here:  To summarize, Pastafarianism is a religion that was created by Bobby Henderson, in 2005, in response to the Kansas Board of Education ruling that Intelligent Design could be taught in public schools.  Bobby Henderson’s point was that, rather than only teaching the Judeo-Christian creation stories, other creation stories needed to be taught.  For example, the creation of the universe by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  This satirical religion serves to prove a few points:

1.) If creation stories ARE to be taught in public schools (which they shouldn’t be) than more than just the Judeo-Christian stories need to be recognized.

2.) The burden of proof in theological debate lies on the person making the positive claim.  If I say that there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky, it is my job to provide enough evidence that you believe it.  It is not your job to disprove it.

3.) If you were to boil down all religion and look past the contradictions and dogma, the only thing left is love.  And that is what Pastafarianism teaches.

With the help of some friends, and members of the Secular Student Alliance, we put together a short service (around 25 minutes) and hosted a spaghetti dinner afterwards.  Through all of the scathing personal emails, those uncouth people who decided to take to arguing over the all-campus email, and the blatantly wrong opinion column in the Bachelor (yes, your opinion is objectively wrong), turnout was pretty good.  I hope that everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves, and that those who are opposed to the idea realize that Pastafarianism is, in no way, mocking your religion.  It is satire, and we don’t take ourselves as seriously as you do.

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