Glee Club Campus Concert

Each year, the Wabash College Glee Club puts on a large campus concert.  It is our longest concert of the entire year, and it is what we practice towards for months on top of months.  This year, the Campus Concert is taking place on 3/23 (tomorrow) at 4:00pm in Salter Hall in the Fine Arts Center.

This year we have a huge spread of songs: various sea shanties, a plethora of love songs, pieces to make you cry, some to make you laugh.  We have a large repertoire this year, so there is bound to be a genre, or song, in the performance that you enjoy.  On top of the Glee Club, we have two other performances by other groups.  Our very own “piano mob” is playing a piece that requires eight (I believe) pianists crowded around one piano.  If you have never heard all 88 keys of a piano played at one, and you would like to, come out to the concert.  The other group is a smaller ensemble chosen from the larger Glee Club.  We are called the T-Tones (short for Testostertones) and we do pieces that are more attuned for smaller groups, including barbershop pieces (we’ll be doing one of these in the concert).

If you have a spare couple of hours tomorrow, I suggest coming out to the Campus Concert.  You won’t regret it.

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