Erin Go Bragh/Gaelic Storm

This St. Patrick’s Day blog is coming in a little late, but it is here nevertheless.  I spent my St. Paddy’s Eve in Chicago, the city with the third largest percentage of people with Irish ancestry in the US (according to Wikipedia).  I was in Chicago for a concert that was being put on my one of my favorite bands: Gaelic Storm.

Gaelic Storm!

This is the second year in a row that I’ve seen Gaelic Storm in Chicago on St. Paddy’s Eve.  In Wabash terms, it has now become a tradition.  If I were to compare the two concerts (last year and this year), I would have to give the gold medal to last year, which you can read about here:  This year, the opening act was cancelled, which put a considerable damper on the experience.  We did get a small taste of the Chicago Pipe Band, just like last year, and they were fantastic.  When the main act finally came out, they were wonderful.  Gaelic Storm is the only band that I have seen live that sounds exactly like they do on their studio albums.  I highly suggest checking them out/seeing them live if you enjoy them.  It is a fun experience!

Every St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicago River is turned green.

While I have no factual proof that I am of Irish decent (it’s just the word in my family), I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.  I am not a fan of the original meaning behind the day, the bringing of Christianity to Ireland by St. Paddy, I enjoy the more secular connotation that it has come to hold in the US.  I just see it as a huge day of celebration, similar to Cinco de Mayo.  While the day holds a deeper meaning, for many it is just an excuse to hang out with friends and drink.  I am okay with this.

I hope that your St. Paddy’s Day was safe and enjoyable!

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