The One Acts.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Chris, the Wabash One Acts haven’t taken place recently”.  You would be right but, I’m not writing about the Wabash One Acts, I’m writing about the DePauw One Acts (*gasp*).

Last night, I accompanied my girlfriend, a Danny, into enemy territory to watch these plays that were written by Depauw students.  The three, one-act plays were entitled “Battle, Baby, Bird”, and they were quite good.  I found myself laughing out loud at the funnier plays, and being drenched in solemn emotion during the more serious bits.  Overall, they were very enjoyable.

Changing sets in between plays.

As a Wabash man, I know that I am supposed to have this “hate” for DePauw that is driven by centuries (okay, maybe not that long) of feuding.  I am meant to look down at the neanderthalic Danny-boys and smirk in the knowledge that I am a better man, but I am continuously gaining more and more respect for the the school to the south, and the students that attend it.


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