Goodbye, Philadelphia.

As the proverb says, all things must end, even good things.  Today, we departed the City of Brotherly Love, and we are staying the night in Ohio before continuing on to Wabash College in the morning.  I have to say, I loved my time in Pennsylvania.  My only qualm is with the price of the food in Philadelphia.  While the sales tax is lower than in Indiana (by 1%), it seems as though many foods come with the sales tax included, but at a higher price than, say, the Indiana equivalent.  That is only a small damper on an otherwise excellent trip.

Standing with a piece of antique, blackened armor.

A couple of days ago, we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I visited a few exhibits that I was interested in: Asian art, European Art, and Arms and Armor.  The latter exhibit was my favorite.  Of all the pieces in the Arms and Armor exhibit, my favorite was a gunblade.  It was a flintlock pistol fastened to a saber, and it was amazing.

If you didn’t know, the front steps of the museum are the famous steps that Rocky Balboa ran up in the movie, Rocky.  There is even a statue of Rocky that you can take a picture with outside of the museum.  Beside two men standing by this statue, trying to take our pictures for money, it was a cool experience.

I’ll miss Pennsylvania, and I’m glad that Wabash College and the Glee Club provided me with the opportunity to travel there.  I’ll be looking forward to two more tours with the Glee Club, and many more songs to come.

Oh, here’s a picture of me with Rocky:

Mr. Balboa.

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