Pat’s: the *best cheese-steaks in Philly.

The reason that the word “best” is asterisked in the title of this blog is because there are two warring Philly cheese-steak stands in South Philadelphia: Pat’s and Geno’s.  Some people prefer Pat’s and some people prefer Geno’s, and that’s that.  Today, we ate at Pat’s and tomorrow we will eat at Geno’s.  We’re going to decide for ourselves which is better.

Me and Ben Franklin. He’s a chill dude.

Today we visited the National Constitution Center, an organization, and museum, that is dedicated to spreading the history behind the Constitution. The National Constitution Center was the building in which the Constitution was signed and ratified.  There is a very cool room in this building in which there are life size, bronze replicas of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  The entire room holds this kind of eerie presence.  There is almost tangible static in the air between the signers, and the desenters, because of how absolutely realistic they look.  Also, as an aside, I never realized how tall George Washington was.  As a guy that’s approximately 5’10, Washington was pretty intimidating.  6’2, square-jawed, and broad shouldered, the statue of Washington was quite a sight.

Another cool thing about the National Constitution Center is their state display around the upper floor, where the Glee Club performed.  There is an open, circular, railed area that looks down onto the first floor.  Around this railed area there are engravings on the floor for each state/US territory and the date in which it became a state/US territory.  Above each of these engravings the flag for the respective state/US territory.  It was a very cool display.  Cool enough that I took a picture with it.

We are in good ol’ historic Philadelphia for a few more days.  I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date.


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