Hello, Philadelphia.

The last two days have consisted of approximately 18 hours of bus rides, one Methodist mass (which was very Catholic), and the impromptu serenading of a food court.  So it’s been, what the kids like to call, real.

Glee Club Spring Tour brings us to Pennsylvania this year and, so far, it’s been a real gas.  After staying an evening with host families (mine happened to be Dr. Bowen’s sister and borther-in-law, along with Dr. Bowen, Dr. Z, and my friend Scotty Cameron) and a wonderful tour of Pittsburgh given by Greg Glass, Dr. Bowen’s brother-in-law, we have found our way to Philadelphia.  While I haven’t gotten any cheese steak yet, the time is nigh.  I’ll include a couple of pictures from the festivities below:

A sign in the front window of a restaurant/lounge that we ate in.


A bucket of fries from the aforementioned restaurant. Yes, a bucket.


I’ll be regularly updated my blog with pictures/video of the festivities so stay tuned.

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