Homophobia and Proprioception.

A professor of sociology from Purdue University, Professor Cooky, recently came to Wabash to talk about homophobia in professional, male sports.  Specifically, the “center of sports”: football, basketball, baseball.  It was interesting.  She presented the problem, homophobia in sports due to male hegemony, and talked about how this homophobia spills into a very sport’s related culture.

The only qualm that I have is that she didn’t speak of an possible solutions to this problem.  She stated that the problem of homophobia in sports could crumble if a famous, active player in the “center” would come out of the closet because that has never been done.   She said that, as a sociologist, she was better at pointing out the problems than solving them.  This seems like a cop-out to me, but what do I know?  It was a relevant talk, relevant enough that a few EQ classes were required to attend, and that’s all that matters really.  It was especially relevant because the theater production of ‘Take Me Out’ is playing at Wabash this week and it is about a gay baseball player.

Speaking of Take Me Out, I will be seeing it with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends tomorrow.  If you are around Wabash College, I highly suggest reserving tickets by emailing boxoffice@wabash.edu.  This play is going on through Saturday, and I’ve heard it’s good.


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