Indiana Weather.

This blog is dedicated to anyone coming to Wabash with little knowledge on the type of weather that we commonly have.  Yesterday, and the preceding couple of days, were cold.  Cold enough that it snowed.  We’re talking highs of ~30 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s -1 Celsius for all of you who use normal measurements) and lows of ~10-15 (~-10 degrees Celsius).  Today, however, was just one of those days.  The gods of Indiana weather decided that it would be a fantastic idea to send us through three different temperature ranges that require three different wardrobes.  When I woke up this morning, it was between 15 and 20 degree Fahrenheit.  Nothing too odd there.  I put on my zip-up sweater, and layered that with my wool pea coat (stage 1 wardrobe).  All

The current forecast, brought to you by AccuWeather.

was right in the world.  When I left my first class at 9:50 am, I already noticed a change in weather.  The sun was out, but it wasn’t hot enough for me to remove my pea coat, yet.  After my next class ended, at 11:10 am, it had gotten considerably warmer outside.  I was sweating in my double layer of sweater and pea coat, so I removed my pea coat (stage 2 wardrobe).  From this class, I went to lunch.  I ate and socialized for around an hour or so.  When I left Sparks center, I had to take off my sweater because it was so warm for this time of year (stage 3 wardrobe).  Now, I was just in a T-shirt.  Right now we’re sitting at a pleasant 53 degrees Fahrenheit (~12 degrees Celsius), and waiting for the sky to turn dark and the heavens to open up (80% chance of rain).  This would be cool if it was not the middle of February and it hadn’t just snowed a couple of days ago.

Indiana weather, I’ll tell you what.

Fact of the Day:

“The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 was the dealliest in American history, killing almost 700 people across Illinous, Indiana, and Missouri.  It also had the longest duration of any tornado before or since, taking almost 3-and-one-half hours to cut a record 219-mile path of destruction.”

-Cary McNeal’s 1,001 Fact That Will Scare The S#*t Out Of You


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