Faculty Dinner.

This is coming a few days late, but better late than never, yeah?  On Monday evening, Career Services hosted a student/faculty dinner.  It is a great Wabash community building event.  In a college of only 900 students, I feel as though every professor should be known by the students.  Even if this professor hasn’t taught a class that a student has taken, I feel as though the student should know the professors.  I went to this faculty dinner because, in conversations with my Wabash friends, I realized that I did not know many of the professors they were speaking about.  In such a small, close-knit environment, I should not be baffled as to the identities of professors.

The dinner went well, and I believe that it accomplished what it set forth to do.  I sat with professors Porter and Baer.  Professor Porter is a prime example of my aforementioned situation.  I have never had Professor Porter in a class (Chemistry is not my bag), but he is the faculty adviser for Dork Club and an active gaming participant, so we see each other often.  Dr. Baer, on the other hand, I hadn’t met before.  He is a religion professor and a very interesting person.  In introducing me to a professor that I had never spoken to, I believe that the faculty dinner was a success.

Happy birthday, Mr. Darwin.

Last night was our Darwin Day film showing and I think it went well.  I counted about 25 people in the audience, and they seemed genuinely interested.  I see this becoming a yearly event.

That’s all I have for today, have a good week!

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