Batman and Robin.

After spending much of the day, dilly-dallying in Lafayette at Tippecanoe Mall (we have to travel 45 minutes to get to a mall *sigh*), we decided to run to Walmart for some things.  While we were waiting to check out, my girlfriend pointed something out to me that I cannot believe I had missed.  Standing in the aisle next to us were Batman and Robin.  Fully costumed, and everything.  This blog goes out to all of those people that say that nothing exciting ever happens in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Apparently it is exciting enough here for Batman and Robin to relocate the Batcave all the way from Gotham.

Tonight, the new coffee joint in town, The Bowery, had a live musical performance.  They also know how to attract college students as anyone with a valid Wabash ID got a free drink and dessert.  I didn’t attend, not because I don’t like coffee, but because I am not a fan of very large crowds.  I assumed that there would be a plethora of people there (and according to The Bowery’s Facebook page, there was), and I didn’t want to shove myself among them.  However, I am glad that The Bowery brought some competition to this town, and that they are doing well, because they have excellent coffee.

Have a good weekend!

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