Zhuang zi and Opals.

Wabash College flaunts its student to professor ration quite fervently.  11/1! 11/1!  It is true, though.  Wabash classes are, often, quite small.  Right now, I’m in a class with eight other guys.  I think that these small class sizes, while also facilitating more dyadic interaction with professors, create an atmosphere in which the professors begin to know the class as a whole.

Dr. Blix’s demonstration.

How many of professors do you know of that go far out of their way to make a point about the lecture material?  Today, in my Religions of China and Japan course, we spoke about a man named Zhuang zi.  Our professor, Dr. Blix, only described this man as “kind of nuts, and playful”.  In order to press this point, Dr. Blix decided to wear the hat that is in the photo to the right.  This may seem like a small thing, but it is one of those things that really stick out to students.  Some may see it as a silly hat, but I see it as a professor appealing to his class in a way that he knows they will react to.  Because of this, I doubt that I will ever forget that Zhuang zi was kind of nuts.


Retrieved from: http://i.imgur.com/OYQ3b.jpg

On a completely different topic with absolutely no apparent transition from the previous paragraph: I was born in October.  October is a cool month, I guess.  Autumn has started, and Halloween is in October.  One thing that I could never get over was my birthstone.  Those of us born in October have Opal as out birthstone.  If you don’t know what an Opal looks like, that’s okay, many people don’t.  It is usually presented as a creamy white with green aurora-esque layers.  This sounds okay, but it has never been aesthetically pleasing to me.  Recently, however, I discovered that there are opals that are absolutely amazing.  Lightning Ridge is a town in New South Wales, Australia that is the home to one of the largest opal mining stations in the world (Australia produces about 97% of the world’s supply of opal).  Here, they excavate a type of Opal called the “Lightning Ridge Black Opal”, and it is one of the most gemstones that I have ever seen.  You can marvel at the picture to the left and judge for yourself.  It makes up for the years of disliking my birthstone.

That’s all for today; have a good weekend!


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