I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “Craigslist Joe”.  If you don’t know what Craigslist is, you can think of it as a giant swap meet.  Craigslist is a place where people can put things for sale, give them away, and offer services.  What is cool is that it facilitates person-to-person interaction through sales.  Many people will have heard of Craigslist through a negative medium.  Recently, a murderer allegedly used Craigslist as a way to meet his victims.  There was Lifetime movie made about it called “The Craigslist Killer”, and that exponentially increased Craigslist’s popularity in not the best of ways.

“Craigslist Joe” is the polar opposite of the aforementioned film and is a really feel good film.  It follows a man named Joseph Garner around as he tries to build his life from the ground up.  He forgoes most of his worldly possessions, only bringing with him a backpack, toothbrush, computer and wireless internet card, and his cellphone.  He gets a new phone number and erases all contacts from his cellphone.  Then he leaves and attempts to live entirely off of the generosity of people on Craigslist for one entire month.

I think this movie is a testament to humanity that many people have.  Who of you out there would open up your home to a stranger for a night knowing that he had nowhere else to go?  I’ll leave you with that to ponder.      

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