Mayor Kruzan

Mayor Kruzan, Mayor of the city of Bloomington, Indiana presided over a large marriage ceremony a few days ago.  While this doesn’t seem too strange at face value, the really interesting part is that it was a marriage ceremony marrying same-sex couples.  13 of them, to be exact.  Now, these ‘marriages’ hold no legal standing because same-sex marriages and civil unions are illegal in this grand, ‘ol Red State.  However, this was more of protest than anything, and that is something that I can get behind as Mayor Kruzan ended the ceremony with the line: “by the power not yet invested in me”.

As someone who is very pro-LGBTQ and hears bigoted hate-speech and slanders coming from the mouths of people in this state quite frequently, this event is a sigh of relief.  This state is making no headway with the rights of the gay community and it is good to see a figurehead standing up for what is right (in my opinion).  Just look at this poll ( in a Howey/DePauw University poll, from October of 2012, 48 percent of people voted that they would amend the Indiana constitution  to say that marriage can only be between one man and one woman (which is currently a law here).  48 percent.  This is a poll in which almost 60 percent (59 to be exact) of the people fall into the age range of 18-54.  Polls like this are just disheartening to someone like me who sees the disallowance of same-sex marriage to be blatant discrimination.  However, this opinion seems to be a minority in this state and on this campus, because the only thing the students at Wabash like to be liberal is their education.

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