Wabash Always Fights.

“Why do we all care [about Wabash] so much?”

This is a quote from Professor Laura Wysocki’s chapel talk today.  This is a question that I’ve asked myself so many times.  Why do we all love Wabash College so much? Why does Wabash College feel like home? How can we look passed all of the little things and see the scarlet shining?  The answer is simple: Wabash Always Fights.

Professor Wysocki.

“It’s difficult to put into words, especially for those who haven’t experienced it, because Wabash Always Fights.”  Professor Wysocki was right in saying that “Wabash Always Fights” is NOT just a motto (although Wikipedia says so), it is a way of life.  Wabash Always Fights is something that gets ingrained into your heart during your time here.  I know that other colleges and universities experience pride for their respective schools, but it is nothing like the feeling that you get at Wabash.  This college consumes you, and you allow it.  Wabash College is a sentient being that thrives off of the energy that you put into the system.  This is a symbiotic relationship that gives you just as much as you give it, and I will never love a school more than I love Wabash College.

One of my favorite things about Wabash is the friends that I have met.  The friends met in college really are friends for life.  Randomly deciding to take a trips with friends is one of the greatest ways to make memories that will last a lifetime.  My Wabash brothers.

I  hope you all have great weekends! Stay warm.

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