Axis and Allies and Sheep Brains

If you like gaming, and you are on Wabash campus, I would suggest making your way to a Dork Club meeting.  While much of what we play falls in the realm of board/card games, those new-fangled vidja games are more than welcome.  At the most recent Doek Club game night, I was introduced to a new game that was quite fun.  It is called Axis and Allies.  Axis and Allies is a series World War II strategy games in which you take

In the heat of  an Axis and Allies turn.

the role of a certain country, either partnered with the Axis powers or the Allied powers.  We played with the maximum number of people: 5.  Japan and Germany vs. The United States, the United Kingdom, and the USSR.  I was playing Mother Russia during this game and I really enjoyed it.  The only qualm that I have is the time that it took to play.  We didn’t even finish our came in its entirety before we packed it up; we played from ~8:00 pm to ~12:00 pm.  The wikipedia states that game times can vary between 2-10+ hours.  TEN PLUS.

My lab partner, Zack Haltom, and I.

To bring down my mid-week high caused by intense Axis and Allies playing, I had to dissect and identify parts of a sheep brain on Friday.  While I usually don’t get queasy when it comes to parts of animals (I blame it on being desensitized by 1990′s cartoons) the smell of the formaldehyde preservative always makes me gag, all the way back to when we dissected frogs in middle school.  I don’t know what it is about that specific smell but it just makes me want to hurl, Regan MacNeil style.  Even in the midst of the vomit-inducing formaldehyde, I find the process of learning through the physical examination of a body part to be much more educational than just reading about it in a textbook.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Stay warm!

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