Can you feel the love tonight?

Hey blog readers!  I hope you are all keeping warm in this weather that feels as though Jack Frost is following me around and breathing down my shirt.

Today was my first T-tones practice of the season.  If you weren’t aware, the T-Tones is a small, select group of guys chosen from the Glee Club.  We sing songs in four-part style (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone, and bass).  This year, we are singing a song written by Elton John and made famous by the hit Walt Disney film, The Lion King: “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”  This song is going to sound fantastic once we get a few practices under our belts.  I hope that all of you that are available can make it to a Glee Club/T-tones concert this semester.

I recently experienced a right-of-passage that every Wabash student goes through: Sophomore Interview.  Here at Wabash, we have to declare our majors, minors, and areas of concentration during the second semester of our sophomore year.  Yesterday, I declared my major and minors to Dean Oprisko at 3:15 pm.  I am, officially, a Psychology major and a Biology/Religion double minor.  Some people would say that an atheist taking religious studies seems nonsensical, but I see it as a perfect pairing.  I am excited to be officially declared; it feels like a giant, anticipatory weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

That’s all I have for you today! Stay warm!

P.S. This is for your listening enjoyment:

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?


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