I’m Ready

This semester is looking to be a difficult, yet fulfilling, one.  Here’s my course list, if you’re interesting in seeing it, with the specific subject in parenthesis:


  • Religions of China and Japan (Religion)
  • Survey of Comparative Politics (Political Science)
  • Behavioral Neuroscience (Psychology)
  • Research Methods and Statistics II (Psychology)
  • Research in Sensation and Perception (Psychology)

You can probably assume my intended major from the class listings.  The class that I am most worried about is Stats II.  I’ve talked to a couple senior psychology majors and they listed it as the most difficult psychology course that they took.  We’ll see how it goes.

In general, I am excited to be back on campus, and it feels good to have some kind of structured routine back in my life.  As pertains to my blogs, this semester I will continue giving you an interesting fact of the day!

Fact of the Day:

“In 1980, volcanic Mount St. Helens in Washington violently exploded, killing fifty-seven people and flattening 200 square miles of surrounding forestland.  It was the most deadly, economically destructive volcanic event in American history.”

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