Finals Week.

Hello blog readers.  Firstly, I apologize for my lack of blogging, I have just been egregiously busy.  Last week was the college’s annual Celebration of Music and Readings in which the Glee Club and T-tones performed.  I was in the chapel rehearsing/performing for about 4 hours.  The following day, we had Project X (WHICH YOU CAN’T KNOW ABOUT YET, HAHA).  Which took a couple of hours.  Finally, the following day, Friday, the T-tones performed at the White house (the President of the college, not the on in DC) for Holiday High Tea.  It was a very busy week and below I will put a couple of photos:

Beautiful Christmas decorations at President and Mrs. White’s house. 

Me, Ted Nilsson, and Scotty Cameron sporting our festive attire.


This week is finals, finals, finals for me and most of the Wabash campus.  Today I had a Sensation and Perception (psychology) final that was pretty rough.  I have a fatherhood paper due tomorrow and a music and stats final on Friday.  Study, study, study.



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