Indiana weather cares not.

These past few days have further assured my theory that Indiana weather cares not what season it is.  If Indiana weather feels as though it should be 65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny in December, than by golly, it will be.  That is just what it has been the past couple of days. Low to mid 60′s.  In December.  *sigh*.  No matter how long I live here, I will never become accustomed to the weather.  Yesterday, it was 65 degree, sunny, and I had on a T-shirt.  Right now, it is 52 and has been raining all day.

It had been so nice, that I decided to accompany a friend as he trekked to the nearest gas station to grab some food (because we don’t have a market on campus).  I decided to snap a picture of the seasonally decorated Wabash College sign.  I apologise for the quality of my photos, but the upload limit is one whole megabyte!


Recently, I have been experiencing this very interesting physical effect called “supercooling” that involves my water bottle and my freezer.  Basically, it is a process by which the temperature of a liquid or a gas is lowered below it’s freezing point without it turning into a solid (  It is a very interesting phenomenon, so I recorded it and posted it to YouTube.  You can check it out here:

Have a great week!

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