Thanksgiving Break.

I appreciate this break, even though we had a small, fall break about a month ago.  While this break allows most of us here at Wabash to travel back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, it is also a nice break from the hectic, Wabash life in general.  The life of a student can get quite overwhelming, and I have been feeling this pressure recently in the form of exams and papers.  This next week should be a nice retreat back home to Gary, Indiana.

We recently found out in Glee Club that we will soon be working on what is being called “Project X”.  I am forbidden to speak of details surrounding Project X, as I have sworn secrecy, just know that we have a nice treat up our sleeves in preparation for the quickly approaching  (if the weather continues this way) white Christmas.

To rant a little bit, I recently registered for classes.  Let me tell you something about registering for classes at Wabash College.  To put it eloquently, it sucks.  We have physical registration.  Physical.  In person.  This means that if you REALLY need that popular class, you better have yourself in front of the registrar’s office at about 3 o’clock in the morning to reserve your spot in line.  It’s such an awesome feeling to wait around in the 25 degree weather (not including the wind chill) until they unlock the building at 6 o’clock.  That isn’t when registration starts, though, but at least they let us wait that last hour before registration inside of a heated building.  Within the small part of my brain that is dedicated to storing things that I have grown to dislike about this college, this takes up a fairly large portion.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Fact of the Day:

“Potatoes can contain toxic compounds called glycoalkaloids that cannot be reduced in cooking.  Consumption of high doses of glycoalkaloids can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and, in severe cases, death.”

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