The Bell Game.

Ding Ding.  That’s the sound of the bell on the campus for another week.  We were victorious in The Bell Game, and the Bell is our spoil of war.  This marks four years in a row that we have won the Bell.  As a friend of mine pointed out, this means that no one in attendance at DePauw knows what it is like to have the Bell on campus.  This is truly sad.  For them, not for us.  The game was fun, yet slow.  It wasn’t nearly as energetic as it was last year (maybe due to a few factors like the game being slow, and this year the game being home).  It was still fun, however.  Below, I will include some photos that I took from the game.


The field before the game.

A nice, DePauw fellow being escorted off of a Wabash bleacher set. I’m not sure what was going on here.


Sphinx Club wheelbarrow races during halftime.

A failed Sphinx Club pyramid.

A successful Sphinx Club pyramid.

A panorama shot of the stands and field.

That’s all for now.  I hope you all have a good week!


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