The Flying Karamazov Brothers.

This past Thursday The Flying Karamazov Brothers graced Wabash Campus with their presence.  The Flying Karamazov Brothers are a juggling and comedy troupe that have been performing since the 70′s (  Their show was absolutely wonderful and I wish that I could see it again.  They performed a trick called “The Gamble” that involves audience participation.  Upon reserving tickets, people are given a sheet of paper with simple instructions.  ”The Champ” will juggle any 3 things provided by the audience if they fulfill five requirements:

1.) Must weigh more than an ounce.  2.) Must weigh less than 10 pounds.  3.) Must be no bigger than a breadbox.  4.)  Must not be a live animal.  5.)  Must not be able to stop the “Champ” from being a live animal.

The three things that the champ juggled were: a Calculus 1 textbook, a diving flipper, and a gourd.  If the Champ can juggle those things for 10 seconds, he earns a standing ovation.  If he fails, he gets a pie in the face.  Unfortunately, the Champ couldn’t handle the task of juggling these odd objects, and received a pie in the face.  Their show was fantastic,  and I recommend it to anyone.

Besides the aforementioned show, I haven’t been doing too much besides studying for a few upcoming tests that I have.  I have two tests at the beginning of next week that I have been intensely studying for.  So, I bid you adieu as I return to my books.




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