Happy Halloween!

Or, as my ancestors would have said “Samhain shona!” (or something like that).  If you didn’t know, many of the “Halloween” traditions actually date back to a Gaelic festival called Samhain (pronounced Sowin).  This festival signaled the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.  Some of the traditions that were adapted were: trick ‘r treating  (also called ‘guising’) originated from the children during the Samhain festival.  It was believed that the doorway to the Otherworld could open on this night, and the children would dress up to disguise themselves (hence, guising) from the evil spirits.   Children would also go door-to-door to collect food for the feasts and collect wood for the bonfires.  Another popular tradition that was adapted is the carving of jack o lanterns.  Jack o lanterns (usually made from turnips) were used as representation of the spirits and to protect one’s home from them.

So, Happy Samhain!  I hope you have some safe guising.

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