National Act.

Y’know.  National Act was a lot better than I had anticipated.  I suppose I should start this by saying that I am very impulsive when it comes to activities.  For example, I had forgone going to National Act and was watching a movie when one of my friends came a’knockin’ at my door.  I instantly decided to accompany him to the concert.  Gym Class Heroes are pretty good.  I used to listen to their music a lot.  They sure do know how to appeal to a crowd, especially a crowd of college students, so I will give them that.  Their concert was laden with sexual innuendos and risque actions.  What better way to appeal to a crowd of hormonal 18-22 year olds?  The absolute best part of the concert, in my opinion, was when GCH performed their song “Clothes Off!”.  They promised to come back to Wabash if the stage was littered with clothes by the end of the song.  Sure enough, by the last note of the song there were socks, boxers, shirts, panties, and bras all over the stage.  It was a fun time and my only complaint doesn’t even concern the band.  The acoustics in chadwick court are HORRIBLE.  Horrible enough to the point that I could barely understand what the frontman was saying.  A new venue seems like a good idea.

Tonight I start my psychology experiment for Psych 201 and there has been a lot of work put into this, so I hope enough hungry freshman bite the extra credit lure.

FoTD: “Diagnoses of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) have risen by 9 million new cases in the last ten years, and the condition now affects 4-12 percent of American children.”

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