Last Night on Earth.

No, I am not speaking of my untimely demise.  Last Night on Earth is a board game in which Zombies are pitted against the human “Heroes” in one final stand before the end of the world.  Last night, I played a round of this game with a few friends.  I teamed up with one friend (who this game happens to belong to) and we played as the zombies.  We had to keep the Heroes from finding a can of gas and keys to start an old pickup truck and

Right in the middle of the action in Last Night on Earth

drive away.  It was great fun, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to play board games.  Here is a link to my friend’s blog in which he reviews Last Night on Earth, and our game of it.

Today is the Oktoberfest celebration, and I will be singing some traditional German folk songs with the Glee Club.  This happens to be my favorite German piece that we’re singing:,_du_liegst_mir_im_Herzen

Also, tonight I shall grace Chadwick Court with my presence at my first National Act.  Hopefully I will not be disappointed.

Fact of the Day:

“Stools that have an extremely bad and unusual odor may be indicators of a more serious condition, such as cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s diseases, ulcerative colitis, and chronic pancreatitis. “

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