A short, but needed, break.

It feels good to be back on campus, and to mold myself back into my schedule of classes and studying, but my short time home for fall break was wonderfully relaxing and much needed.  Sometime, Wabash gets to me in that it really stresses me out.  Being at home with my family and friends is a great way to take myself out of the collegiate role for awhile and to just hang out.  I was getting to the point of being burnt out in my

A candid picture that my girlfriend took of me over the weekend.  I was putting my amateur cooking skills to work.

classes.  I have, just like many other students on campus, been extremely busy for awhile now.  It seems as though I have a never-ending stream of homework and studying.  This short vacation allowed me to gather all of the pieces of my brain and paste them back together.

This weekend, Wabash is throwing their own Oktoberfest.  The Glee Club will be giving a small performance this year and we will be singing some traditional, German folk songs.  I have to say that I have never really enjoyed the German language; it is just a personal bias.  The songs are sweet.  Not in the ‘radical’ sense of the word, but figuratively sweet.  There is a song about love, and one about birds and nature.  It has been quite the experience singing in a language in which I know very few words.  My German lexicon travels about as far as “nein” and “heil”.

That’s all that I’ve got to spew at you today.  I now have to go back to studying about the ear and its inner workings.  Have a great week!

Fact of the Day:

“In an international survey, 14 percent of people admit to having slept with a friend’s lover behind his (or her) back.”


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