“Gentlemanly” Public Humiliation.

Hello to all of you blog readers out there.  It is now the weekend, and I hope that your weeks passed by without a hitch.  Today I am going to rant…er, blog about something that has really been bothering for awhile.

Spark’s Center is our independent student eatery.  The general routine is: walk in, get your ID swiped, grab a tray, grab food and drink, sit down and eat.  Because our eatery is cafeteria style with trays and glass plates and such, sometimes mishaps occur.  Sometimes the trays are just too slippery from being recently washed, or someone missteps, and down their plates/bowls/cups fall.  Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal usually.  It causes quite some embarrassment for the individual who created such a ruckus, but someone else should help the poor fellow or, at least, continue on eating as if nothing had happened.  However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the entirety of Spark’s Center erupts in a cacophonous applause after someone drops their tray.  Now, this is completely ridiculous, and I have talked to a few of my independent friends about this and they agree with me.  Why would people going to a college that promotes acting responsibly and living humanely purposefully, publicly embarrass someone.  These people applauding are GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure that this person feels embarrassed.  I refuse to partake in this neanderthalic construct.  I will not go out of my way to publicly humiliate another human, and those that do are despicable people in my book.  If you find yourself applauding and laughing at someone who mistakenly drops a tray in a public eatery, than you need to consider some serious introspection and reevaluate yourself as a human being.  Or, at least, think about what you are doing before you do it and learn to be empathetic.  You are not a sheep, and you do not need to follow the herd.


Fact of the Day:

“Humans can grow horns.  Called cutaneous horns, they grow when the skin surface thickens, typically in response to disease.”


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