My New Best Friend, the Library

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent more time in the library than anywhere else. This, of course, is all in the name of finals week. I’m more than ready to be done with finals, but I know I still have a pretty long week ahead of me. I have a Bio final on Monday, a Poli Sci final on Tuesday, and then another Poli Sci final for a different class on Thursday afternoon. After that, I’ll be in good shape to get ready for summer.

There is a presentation that I have to give over the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010 (known as “ObamaCare” to some) tomorrow afternoon in my Poli Sci 311 class. I’m looking forward to giving the presentation, but I’m not really looking forward to putting it together (or rather finishing it). However, once that’s taken care of, I’ll be set to spend the entire weekend immersing myself in plant and animal biology so that I’m ready to do well on my last Bio test for the year.

With this week also came the end of a lot of things: my last bio lab, my last Student Senate meeting for the semester, and my last Audit & Finance Committee meeting for the semester as well. I have to admit that none of these things ending make me very sad.

As I mentioned last week, I was offered an internship. After spending a lot of time working out transportation and housing, I was able to accept it. I’ll be working for a company in Indianapolis called DirectEmployers. It’s a non-profit company that develops websites and methods for corporations to recruit and hire new employees. It sounds like some great HR experience, which is a plus for someone considering a career in an administrative role. On top of this, they’re looking to expand the work that they do with healthcare, and so I think they viewed my experience in healthcare as a plus. I’ll be in Indianapolis from May 19 until July 28. That gives me about two weeks at home in May and then another two weeks between July and August before I have to come back to campus for Cross Country and Orientation Leader Training. As of right now, I’ll be living with a friend’s family, but I’m going to see if I can work out some other options too so that they aren’t stuck with me for 10 weeks. Since a lot of my friends will be in Crawfordsville over summer break, I have a feeling that I’ll spend a lot of weekends up here, which will give my “summer family” a break from me for awhile.

Before I get ready to continue studying, I thought I’d congratulate Chris on his opportunity to continue blogging next year. As he’s done this year, he will offer a lot of great perspectives on life at Wabash and the latest happenings, so make sure to continue following his blog! Have a great weekend!


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