Finals Week Approaching Quickly

This week has flown by because, like my fellow blogger Seton, I too have been occupied in the library. With the exception of a few activities, most of my week has been spent preparing for presentations, studying, and writing final papers. This being said, I’ll try to include the interesting things I’ve been up to this week rather than details regarding the monotonous library work.

On Tuesday night, the brothers of Beta headed out to a local farm for senior talk. This event occurs each year around this time and is an opportunity for seniors to speak/reflect on their time at Wabash and in the Beta house while everyone else listens. We had a large campfire and were fortunate because the rainy weather held off. It was great to listen to everything that the 23 seniors had to say, and they’ll be missed—both at the house and at Wabash. Yesterday, I was invited by a few of my brothers to go swimming after dinner. I hadn’t swum in the Wabash pool before, but had some fun on the rope swing and the diving boards before returning to the Library. This morning, I woke up in time for the final Chapel Talk of the year. Four seniors (Peter Robbins, Brian David, Brandon Alford, and Tyler Wade) all gave talks about their experiences hear at the college. Brandon is a brother at Beta and I know Brian and Tyler pretty well, so it was great to hear what they had to say.

I need to do some reading for my final Enduring Questions class, so it’s back to the library for me. Sometime next week I’ll post my final blog as a freshman blogger. Good luck to all on final tests, papers, and presentations!

Wabash Always Fights,

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