Seemingly Busy Week

With less than a week until I return to campus, I’m getting anxious! This week I plan on keeping busy in an attempt to ready myself for my second semester at Wabash.

My primary goal for this week is rectifying my sleep schedule-which has all but been destroyed over break. Instead of getting to bed at a decent time and taking naps in the afternoon, as my schedule the last month of last semester allowed, often times I have found myself going to bed very early in the morning (3 or 4 AM) and sleeping in until the early afternoon. I plan on heading to bed before midnight and waking up at a decent time for the rest of break. I believe I am going to add another class to my schedule, but am unsure which one at this point. Today, I am looking into an internship with the Wells Fargo company in my town by contacting a Wabash alum. My free time has been spent writing an article about Wabash, which I plan on possibly titling “Thy Loyal Sons.” Aside from this, two nights I had a dream that, once I awoke, sounded like a great plot for a novel. At first I thought the idea was silly, but upon further consideration, I decided: why not? I started writing yesterday, and who knows, maybe in a few years it’ll be published. The odds are against it; however, I’ll keep writing and see what happens.

Most of my friends who attend public universities are already back at public universities, so I wish them the best for their first week of studies. I also wish the seniors at Wabash luck this week as they head into Comprehensives. Next time I write you I’ll be back on campus, so until then!



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One Response to Seemingly Busy Week

  1. Joe says:

    Good luck to you as well thy loyal son. I’m pumped to see you in three days!