Politics in the Air

Even though fall break is fast approaching, I have a lot to accomplish before it arrives. The good news is that I have no major tests or quizzes – just assignments. I’m in the midst of a paper which I’ll have to finish pretty soon or I’ll probably lose my mind. It’s on vaccines and autism. While it’s an interesting topic for me, I just don’t thoroughly enjoy academic writing. I’m working hard to change that mentality since I’ll be writing endlessly for the next four years.

I had a good, low-key weekend. The highlight was going to Indianapolis for dinner on Saturday night. It was great to be in a city with lots of options for things to do. After dinner, some of us went to see “The Ides of March”, which is about people who work on presidential campaign staffs. In my earlier days, I was pretty sure that I would be President of the United States at some point in my career. In the second grade, I read a biography of each American President and in third grade, I wrote letters to every governor in the United States. Almost all of them replied, and I was incredibly excited. In middle school, I became really involved in political campaigns and I volunteered for a couple of campaigns in sixth grade. Even though people continue to speculate that this will happen and I doubt that it will, I still love politics. I won’t be surprised if I run for public office at some point in my life, but running for President just might be a stretch. Part of me hopes that the situations portrayed in the movie aren’t realistic, but another part of me says that they’re blatantly realistic. If you like politics at all, I’d definitely recommend seeing it. On a political note, Dr. Mark Pauly from the University of Pennsylvania will be on campus tomorrow discussing health care policy and his recently published book. I’m really looking forward to this event because I am fascinated by healthcare in America and health policy. He’s giving a lunch seminar on Medicare and then an evening lecture on a separate topic (relating to health care) as well.

In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to get ahead on all of my work so that I won’t be dead by the time my 5:30 alarm goes off on Thursday morning. More on Wednesday!



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One Response to Politics in the Air

  1. Aunt Sarah says:

    I saw “The Ides of March” this past weekend as well and was pretty darn disappointed. I’m a huge Ryan Gosling fan and would probably leave my husband for him, but I thought the movie was shallow. The plot was superficial and I’m pretty sure it took the writers all of a couple of hours to write the script. Fortunately, there was a star-studded cast of outstanding actors, which saved it from being just plain bad.

    If you do run for office, my dear nephew, I’ll vote for ya’…