“Does everyone always dress this fratty?”

This was the question asked to me by a prospective Wabash student I was talking to on the mall, one of 40 who are visiting campus today.  With over half the campus involved in fraternity life, yes, yes we do.

With my Rhetoric speech out of the way, my week is finally drawing to a close.  The weather has been great these past two days with temperatures in the mid-80s.  This good weather, plus the fact that fall break is just around the corner has students in high spirits.

Tomorrow, I head down to the LaVerne Gibson Championship Cross Country Course with the Redpack, to race an 8k.  Last weeks race was the day after homecoming week and the temperature was cold, so I am definitely looking forward to racing in some warm weather with a decent amount of sleep.  The bus leaves at 9 tomorrow, so if I’m lucky I might even get a full 8 hours of sleep (It sounds bad, I know, but I’m pretty used to it now).

I don’t have any plans for Saturday night or Sunday, so that time will probably be spent hanging out with my pledge brothers, studying, or sleeping.  This upcoming Tuesday night I’ll have the opportunity to go to my brother’s Sectional cross country race in Logansport, which will be great since I have yet to see him run thus far this year.  Ryan Horner, a friend and teammate, will be traveling with me to watch his former team compete in the meet.

In other news, students recently learned that Asher Roth and Mike Posner will be preforming at Chadwick Court on October 22 for our fall semester national act.  This is sure to be a great concert and I’ll be having friends from IU and Purdue over that night.  Happy birthday to my pledge brother, Adam Boehm, and good luck to Tadhg Hannon, another pledge brother, who went to Indianapolis for leg surgery this morning because of a football injury.  Also, a shoutout to Doug Baker, an avid reader of my blog, a teammate, and a man with an impressive mustache.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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One Response to “Does everyone always dress this fratty?”

  1. Joe says:

    At IU it depends on the fraternity, some don’t dress up at all. I was surprised.