Midweek at Wabash

It’s the middle of the week warm weather is upon us!  After receiving e-mails from a few friends who I hadn’t heard from in a while and recovering from my bout with illness last week, this week has definitely been an improvement.

Members of my pledge class begin to paint the Senior Bench in the middle of the night. Photo taken by Kelly Sullivan

Monday night, my pledge brothers and I lost a great deal of sleep while painting the senior bench.  For those of you who don’t know about this Wabash tradition that has lasted for decades, it is a bench located by Hays Hall that pledges paint in the middle of the night so seniors from their respective houses can sit on during the day.  We set up tents around the bench and even lit a fire, which provided light so we could paint the bench once the sun went down.  Personally, I headed back to the fraternity at 3:40 AM to try and get a few hours of sleep before classes the next morning, but I know several of my pledge brothers stayed out a few hours longer in order to put the finishing touches of blue and pink (Beta colors) on the bench.

Classes have picked up quite a bit in the last few weeks.  I have a paper due Thursday and a Spanish test on Friday.  Between classes, pledgeship, studying, cross country, and sleep (or lack thereof), I have quite the balancing act on my hands.  At times I feel completely overwhelmed, but there are also times when I feel pretty good, especially after completing a paper or cross country workout.

Last night, the soccer team won in overtime here at Mud Hollow Stadium.  The 2-1 victory over Anderson was highlighted by a barrage of 11 shots on goal by the Little Giant’s offense.  The Little Giant’s played a very strong second half and hope to carry the momentum into the rest of their season.  For more on the game, head over to http://sports.wabash.edu/news/2011/9/20/MSOC_0920112116.aspx?path=msoc

I’ve got to get back to studying for a little while before going to Rhetoric class, so I’ll catch you all later in the week!

In Wabash,



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One Response to Midweek at Wabash

  1. Grandma Rowe says:

    Hi Ben..Hang in there boy! Things do get better and it’s all worth it.
    Love you lots Grandma