Am I A Senior Yet?

I have turned in all of my finals.  1,400 words and 2.5 hours for my Social Psychology final, 1,800 words and 3 hours for my Abnormal Psych final, 6 pages for my Sociology of Religion final, and around 45 minutes for my Linguistics final.  All in all, it was not a bad finals week for me.  However, because finals week is over, am I a senior yet?  When is becoming a part of the next year of college official? After finals are turned in? After graduation? Perhaps the first day of classes?  Now that classes are done, these are the types of quandaries I can dedicate my time to.

I will not have much time this summer to spend pondering these questions, though.  I have gratefully accepted an internship with the psychology department here on campus.  I will be continuing to gather some data from a current senior’s capstone project.  It looks to be fun, and I am excited for the opportunity.  I will also be travelling to Ecuador with the Glee Club for two weeks, so my summer is going to be jam-packed.  I do not know how often I will be updating my blog this summer, but if you would like to know when a new blog goes up, you can follow me on Twitter @Chris_Wabash15.

Have a great summer!

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David Liebe Hart Visits Wabash College!

One week ago today, a miracle happened at Wabash College.  David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan graced Wabash College with their presence.  Don’t recognize either of the aforementioned names?  That’s okay, I didn’t know of them either until earlier this semester.  I’ll go ahead and do my best to inform you on the wondrous talents of Mr. David Liebe Hart.

David Liebe Hart was born in Park Forest, Illinois in 1955.  DLH is an actor, musician, puppeteer, and artist.  He is most famous for two, very different television programs.  His first show was The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show, which aired on public access television in the Los Angeles Area.  You can find a clip of that show below.

The Junior Christian Bible Show

David Liebe Hart gained national recognition after he appeared on Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  Below is a clip from the show, featuring David Liebe Hart:

Doctor to Doctor with David Liebe Hart

Musically, David Liebe Hart covers many genres and topics.  From spirituals about religion and his life as a Christian Scientist to punk music about women and aliens, Mr. Liebe Hart does it all.  The David Liebe Hart Band EP was released August of last year, and the album is objectively fantastic.  Here is the link to the video for my favorite song on the album:

La Rent

Recently, David and his musical partner, Adam Papagan, came all the way from Los Angeles to Crawfordsville in order to play for us.  The duo was fantastic.  Mr. Liebe Hart gave us all his words of wisdom that stem from life experiences, things such as: “When you rule your mind, you rule your world”, and “I am success, and success is me”.

DLH and Mr. Papagan played quite the show.  DLH did some solo music for us, with the help of his puppet “lambadog”, the combination lamb and dog.  He even improvised some songs.  After singing happy birthday to some members of the audience, John Beardmore ’15 asked Mr. Liebe Hart to sing a song for Dean William Oprisko, who was in the audience.  DLH asked Dean Oprisko to tell him something that he enjoyed, and he replied with “Dungeons and Dragons”.  The best part of this was that DLH misheard “Will Oprisko” as “Crystal Will”, and he sang the entire song to Crystal Will.  Luckily, someone got some of it on video:

Crystal Will

The experience was fantastic, and there were around 60 people who attended the event.  I hope we get to do it again in the future.  As the Korendians would say, Salame!

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430 on 4/30

Yesterday was a big fundraising day at Wabash.  Various alumni pledged to give $43,000 if 430 donations to Wabash were met on 4/30.  The day was quite the success, with the 430 donation mark being blown out of the water.  Coincidentally, or maybe not so, 1,832 gifts to the college were made.  These gifts totaled over $450,000.  That’s a big chunk of change.  You can read President Hess’ thankful email below:

““Thank you.”

Those two words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support of the College’s first-ever, one-day giving challenge, 430 on 4/30. Other, larger institutions have held similar events that were driven entirely by email and social media with good outcomes. I had no idea how mightily the Wabash community would respond to the challenge.

Now just 10 months on the job as President, my education at Wabash College — learning about the men and women who make up this great institution — took a giant leap forward.

We asked you to make 430 gifts that would be matched at $100 apiece thanks to a generous $43,000 matching challenge from a handful of alumni leaders. Just over four hours into our Stand TALL for Wabash campaign, we had eclipsed that goal. By lunchtime we had reached 1,100 gifts and secured a second $43,000 match. We knew then that we should train our sights on something truly outstanding: 1,832 gifts in a single day, honoring this College’s long and proud history of philanthropy, which dates to our founding. Shortly before 9:00 p.m., I received word that we had reached that audacious goal and gifts were still coming in.

Perhaps as inspiring were the number of affinity challenges that grew organically during the day. By the time I shut off my computer, more than 30 individuals and groups had stepped up to challenge their friends, colleagues, and classmates to make a gift in support of our efforts.

While our precise totals will not be known for a few days (thanks largely to all of those affinity gifts), I can say that the Wabash nation far exceeded our expectations. The College received more than 2,100 gifts and secured three $43,000 challenge grants for a total of more than $450,000 in just one day. Those would be astonishing numbers for a school four times the size of Wabash. For a College with just over 9,000 graduates and 12,000 alumni, they are astronomic figures and worthy of our highest praise.

As I have traveled with my wife Lora to meet alumni all across the country, I have been inspired by your stories about how Wabash changed your lives. Seeing you respond to our one-day giving challenge — watching you Stand TALL for Wabash — helped me fully understand the depth of gratitude, loyalty, and love for Wabash that so many of you feel. Your gifts further inspire me to lead this institution boldly forward in the years ahead, and have helped me understand the true meaning of Wabash Always Fights!

As we rocketed past the last challenge I issued Wednesday evening — 1,832 gifts — I was reminded of President Elihu Baldwin’s challenge in his 1836 inaugural address: “Our purpose is, never to rest while Wabash College shall lack any advantages for the student, which are offered by the highest class of American colleges.” Imagine the audacity of that quote almost 180 years ago when Crawfordsville was a dot on the prairie and this fine College was just a scant few buildings.

Imagine also, the audacity of my inaugural challenge: “that we go from ‘A’ to ‘The’ and establish Wabash College as The Liberal Arts College, For Men.”

With heart-felt gratitude and pride, I am sincerely yours,

Gregory D. Hess


Think critically, Act responsibly, Lead effectively, and Live humanely.”



P.S. We had a dunk tank!  Check that out here:

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Wabash News

I want to dedicate this blog to recent ongoings that have taken place at Wabash College. Too often Wabash men get lost in the rigmarole that is being a student and, myself included, forget that there is more in this halls that books and scrawlings and lectures.  In this post, I will highlight some campus news that I find exceptionally interesting.

First, we have three Fulbright Scholars from the class of 2014!  Congratulations to all of the Wabash men who earned a spot in this program! For those that don’t know, the Fulbright is an international, educational exchange program in which students go to other countries to teach and do various other things (read more about it here:  I want to give a special congratualtions to my dear friend Patrick Stroud ’14 who is one of the recipients of the Fulbright this year (read Wabash’s article about it: Speaking of our seniors, watch Senior Chapel talks! They are great:

Next, is the Suovetaurillia.  Yeah, I didn’t know what it was at first, either.  The Suovetaurillia is a Greco-Roman ritual in which a pig (sus), sheep (ovis), and cow (taurus) are sacrificed to the gods.  The Classics department, alongside some classes, put one of these religious ceremonies on during the baseball game this past weekend.  You can watch footage of it here: and read the Wabash article:

Finally, we have some art.  This year, there is one graduating studio art major, Mark Shaylor ’14.  His final work consists of a gallery of chess-inspired paintings that are on display in the Eric Dean Gallery of the Fine Arts Center until graduation.  If you haven’t seen them, I strongly urge it.  Here’s an article about them:

One of Shaylor’s art pieces. Source:

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T-Tones and the Crawfordsville Faith Alliance

T-Tones is one of two vocal groups that we have at Wabash.  In order to be in T-Tones you have to 1.) be a Glee Club member, and 2.) complete a separate audition process.  T-Tones is usually comprised of twelve men, three on each part.  I have been a member of T-Tones for the last few semester, and it is very fun.  The dynamic is so much different than in Glee Club because, while it is smaller, the men seem to care more about the music so, in turn, I think we sound cleaner than the full Glee Club.

Today, T-Tones travelled to the Crawfordsville Country Club in order to perform for the Crawfordsville Faith Alliance.  Unlike their name suggests, they actually are not a church.  Since 2004, the Faith Alliance has been an organization dedicated to funding awareness for, and fighting, breast cancer throughout the entirety of Montgomery County.  Here is their Facebook page, if you’d like more information:

The audience was great, and were everything performers look for in an audience.  I hope they enjoyed the small concert, because it was very fun.  Also, they fed us delicious country club food!  We, literally, sang for our meals, and that is always a blast.

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Easter is a’comin’

Easter is right around the corner.  Whether you’re headed to your nearest mall to get pictures with the Easter Bunny, you’re searching for candy filled eggs in your backyard, or you’re headed to church with your family: Easter is a holiday that we can all get behind.  This Easter, I bestow unto you two YouTube videos revolving around my favorite Easter treat: Peeps.  These videos come from two of my favorite YouTube channels: RatedRR and Carsandwater.

Picture source:

The first YouTube channel, RatedRR, is, in essence, a channel about shooting objects with large guns.  The video that I will link here is “How Many Peeps Can A .50 cal Go Through?”.  In this video, the host shoots a .50 caliber sniper rifle bullet through hundreds of Peeps (traditional Easter eating).  Check it out here:

Second, is a stranger channel.  This channel, called “carsandwater” is filled with videos entitled “RHNB and ______”, in which the blank is some other noun.  RHNB stands for “Red Hot Nickel Ball”.  The host of this channel heats a nickel ball, with a blowtorch, until it is red hot.  He then drops it into various items to see what it does.  In this video, entitled “RHNB-Peeps”, you can imagine what happens.  Check it out here:

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The Great Email Outage of 2014

A dark cloud fell over the Wabash College on April 14, 2014.  While we students were flitting betwixt our classes, something was stirring within the email servers in the basement of Baxter Hall.  I believe that I was one of the first effected by this awful tragedy; I received my last email at 1:22PM on Monday, that fateful day.  Whispers began to permeate the campus.  ”When will ballin’ take place?” muttered one distressed student.  ”How will I know that Tuesday chapel is going on?” another pined.  Student senators ran wild through the mall, not knowing that Student Senate would meet Tuesday at 7:00PM in the Goodrich Room of the Lilly Library, as it always does.

The aftermath of my Wabash email after the fix.

Without the constant reminders for these events, what would the students of Wabash do with themselves?  I, for one, relished in the silence that came along with the absence of the constant Microsoft Outlook email alert.  For almost 27 hours, the vibrating mechanism in my phone got a rest from the ceaseless, redundant emails that come along with having “everyone” and “student” listservs. Although, I think that the abolishing of these listservs would be horrendous for the culture of the campus.  As every Wabash student, and recent Wabash alum, is aware: email wars are a quintessential part of Wabash life.  If we can’t argue with each other in one of the formats least conducive to vocal inflection and the use of one of our most powerful senses, how can we have productive conversations?

Tuesday, April 17th at around 4:30PM was the end of the living hell that was no campus email.  The IT angels of campus were hot on the trail of the problem until they got it figured out.  I can now return to my homeostatic state of checking and mass deleting emails every hour.  Phew.


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What Does Wabash Mean To You?

This past week there were displays on both the mall and the steps of Pioneer Chapel.  The mall on-goings were much less philosophical and more functional.  Some of Wabash’s largest organizations (Wabash Christian Men, ‘shOUT, MXI, Sphinx Club, Wabash Democrats, and Wabash Republicans) got together for a #Stand4Freedom.  This is a movement to raise awareness for the 27 million people that are slaves worldwide, many who are victims of human trafficking.  One of the largest organization involved with this is “End It”:  You may have seen people marking their hands with red X’s earlier this year.  This symbolic gesture was on behalf of the End It movement.  The aforementioned groups did their own symbolic gesture by standing on the mall for 27 hours straight.  I went to the table that they had set up, took a flier, and got some quick information.  I applaud all of the Wallies that were out there participating and showing their support for this issue.

The #Stand4Freedom table.

The other thing that I mentioned took the form of a giant, wooden “W” that was placed on the steps of Pioneer Chapel.  This “W” had white paint markers around it, and people were asked to write what Wabash meant to them onto the W.  While some of the scrawling was tongue-in-cheek, such as “Wabash means $46,000 a year to me”, others were meaningful and serious, such as “4 tough, life changing years” and “logic+passion”.  My own contribution to the mural is what really Wabash means to me. Underneath the learning, the personal maturation, and the crippling debt, I have found more than just friends within these halls.  There are people here who I know I will never lose contact with, Independent and Greek alike.  To me, Wabash means family.


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Glee Club Joint Concert

For 16 years, the Wabash College Glee Club has put on a joint concert with the University of Indianapolis’ Woman’s Chorus.  I have participated in this concert for 3 years running, and I have to say that the UofIndy woman’s chorus is fantastic.  This year, their numbers were much smaller than they have been in the past: only 20 or so.  This lack of numbers did not stop them from sounding amazing.  Combined, we had over 80 voices filling Salter Hall with beautiful music.  This joint concert is a great pairing, and I hope it continues for many years after I am gone from this college.

Mother Nature has graced us with some gorgeous weather the past few days.  60′s and 70′s and lots of sun.  Today, it is a little overcast and breezy, and for the second day in a row I am sitting in an empty field with friends just enjoying the weather.  Welcome to the 21st century, in which Wifi is located everywhere.  

This weekend I made an excursion to a small restaurant in town in which I had never visited: Diggers cafe.  Diggers is located on Market Street, right across from Walgreens and right down the road from Old Town Pizzeria.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods, and have a special of the day.  I got country fried steak and eggs, and a half order of biscuits and gravy.  Everything was fantastic.  Another member of our party got the daily special: a fried fish sandwhich.  He said that it was quite tasty, and affordable!  So, if you’re ever deciding on a place to eat in town, try Diggers Cafe!


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Anja Niedringhaus

Today, it was reported that Pulitzer Prize winner Anja Niedringhaus was killed in an Afghan shooting.  If you do not know who Anja Niedringhaus was, do not fret, neither did I. She was a German journalist and photographer who was gathering information in regards to the Afghanistan presidential election that is happening tomorrow.  She and a Canadian reporter were fired upon while seated in the back of a car, and Niedringhaus suffered fatal wounds.

Niedringhuas, while a reporter, was also a photographer.  She has taken some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen recently.  Below, I will embed some of my favorites:

Source text: “School children pass by a graffiti reading, “ballot not bullet” on their way back home on the outskirts of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan.”

Source text: “An Afghan boy holds a toy gun as he enjoys a ride with others on a merry-go-round to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr festival, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009. Eid al-Fitr festival marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.”

Source text: “An Afghan police officer watched a checkpoint near Maidan Shahr, the capital of Wardak province.”

It is sad to learn of the death of any human, but especially the death of one so apparently talented and still, relatively young, at only 48.  These photos and many more can be found on Anja Niedringhaus’ webpage:


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