Saturday features Cherry Blossom Parade and Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

by Austin Drake

Well, all exhaustion from the early morning and travel aside, the Saturday ran quite smoothly. After going to the Cherry Blossom Parade, we all participated in the Poster Competition. After five judges and an hour mixed with grilling and light questions, the competition was over. Generally, I felt pretty prepared for the questions. The judges were most impressed that we were able to accomplish all of our research in eight weeks. The experience was intended to sharpen our presentation skills or, at the very least, remind us that we need some sharpening. Although my career as an undergraduate researcher is over, I know that I am going to have to improve upon my presentation skills for my future as a medical student. It was great to present yet again, especially with the positive feedback that I received. The afternoon will hopefully be an experience from which I can gain some perspective as a participant in the scientific community.

We then checked in to our rooms, took some much needed naps and returned to the convention center for some evening speakers. There are some great lecturers here, including some Nobel laureates. The weekend is going to be packed with a lot of biology, biochemistry and, of course, a little sightseeing. I’m looking forward to it…

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