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Back in San Francisco for Friday Event

Howard W. Hewitt - San Francisco - We made it to San Francisco Thursday afternoon with a minimum of excitement. Steven Charles and I are in the city for Friday night's roll out of 'Road Trip California,' the Winter 2007 issue of Wabash Magazine.

Much of the content can be found online already. The magazine is being mailed Friday.

The biggest surprise of the trip was during a layover in St. Louis - threatening weather moved through the area and all passengers waiting at the gates were asked to move to the interior of the building. A tornado had been spotted in the area! The weather passed and we proceeded to San Francisco on schedule. I assured Steve that was nothing compared to the mild earthquake I felt on my previous  visit.

Steve and I visited John Pence '58 briefly this afternoon to make sure everything was set for tomorrow night's reception. And when we arrived at our downtown hotel  we were doubly pleased to see a box of the magazines waiting on us. A large portion of the California-related stories came from my 10-day visit here last June.

We enjoyed a brief gallery tour with John, went over Friday night details, and will probably check out one of the great S.F. restaurants tonight. We will be posting photos and news about the reception late tomorrow night or early Saturday morning.

This is a quick trip, we head back Sunday. But for those who followed the blog last summer, we ARE going out to Napa Valley on Saturday. So to stay with the previous entries, we just might post a few pictures and write about that as well.

Friday night promises to be a great Wabash evening. We're  really looking forward to it!

In photo: Pence and Charles talk about a painting John recently acquired.


Steve and Howard,

Great to hear you got to SF safely! The magazines mailed a day early, so ours has arrived. It's a terrific issue, gentlemen! And it is a wonderful thing that you get to reconnect with the alumni you've kept connected to the College for so many years. Enjoy the trip!