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50 Turn Out For San Francisco Reception

Howard W. Hewitt - San Francisco - An even bigger-than-expected 50 guests arrived at the John  Pence Gallery in downtown San Francisco Friday night for the roll out of a California issue of Wabash Magazine. The big crowd came to hear President Patrick White and see the special issue.

The evening was designed to honor all Bay Area alums and give them a chance to meet the new president. See a photo album from  Friday's event here.

The 2007 Winter Issue of Wabash Magazine was on display featuring nine Wabash graduates. Seven of the nine featured in the magazine were on hand for a fun evening.

I introduced the Wabash alums who I visited in June 2006 for the magazine and online features and also the Wabash staff present for the event. It was a great thrill to see them all there and their reactions to the magazine features.

President White spoke about his first months in office and his hopes and dreams for Wabash College. He talked about his early days writing art reviews in homage to John Pence's involvement in the art world. Pence praised White's Center Hall column in the new issue.

The President took particular note of the three Salinas graduates - Anthony Avitia '96, Hugo Mariscal '98, and Ernie Vela '95- and shared some insight on a current student from the same Central California city. White talked about the involvement, dedication, and enthusiasm he's seen in Julio Enriquez '08.

As any Wabash event, the event was social as well. The group had the chance to taste wines made by Doug Sparks '69 - his award winning Barbera was a big hit. Stephen Pavy brought some of his own wines as well as a generous contribution of wine from his employer, Joseph Phelps Vineyard.

Many stayed late to share stories and meet the Whites. We'll have more on our San Francisco visit posted this weekend.

In  photos: Above, Stephen Pavy '81 listens to Pence tell a story.