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Wrapping Up An Incredible Two Week Visit

Howard W. Hewitt,  Oakland,  Calif. - It's Sunday evening and I fly home quite early Monday morning. This is a short "travelogue" entry for the wine folks who've read the blog and share my interest in wine. I don't want to take space from the quick look at my visits with the Wabash alumni that  you can read below. I spent almost three days doing wine country and I've attached a photo album with a little longer information on each picture for those interested. And I am bringing home a little wine; ok, maybe more than a little!

Be sure to look for the Wabash Magazine stories and website profiles later this year on the nine alums we came out here to see. And by mid-week I should have a story up featuring Bronson Frick '95 and his view on a timely Surgeon General report due out before the end of the month.

Finally, thanks to  the many folks who left comments on the blog and all the e-mail about the trip. I can't wait to start writing the stories about these fascinating Wabash men!


I thoroughly enjoyed Howard Hewitt's blogs. Informative and fascinating stuff. Now I look forward to his stories in the magazine.

I am not a Wabash alum, but I feel connected to a truly outstanding school. Howard and I worked together in the newspaper business for several years; and my son, David, taught at Wabash for one year.

Is the only thing that matter to you the wine you tasted on this trip? On a more serious note, it's good to see that you're meeting interesting people and telling us about them. I like to think someday I might be successful like those alumni. In any case, it's good that you had a nice time.