Suovetaurilia – Greek/Roman Dining Outside The Baseball Field

So its been a little bit since I’ve last blogged. In the past few weeks, I have given poster presentations at Wabash and presentations at Butler for my work with the Iowa Gambling Task. It’s been quite a ride, to say the least. With most of my psychology studies behind, I have been looking forward to an interesting set of traditions established by the Greeks and the Romans in antiquity – Suovetaurilia, an ancient religious sacrifice involving a lamb, a pig, and a bull.

Me, Chili, Arturo (Toga attire), and Schramm – The Maza Cake Crew

Arturo Granados, Matt Schramm, Jake Childress, and I are all in this this course about Food in Antiquity with Dr. Leslie Day. Part of our requirements for the course were to make some good ole Ancient Greek food. Well, we found these ingredients for Maza Cakes with cheese, which essentially just cheese wrapped in bread (made from scratch). Considering none of us are cooks, I am of the obviously biased opinion that we made the best meal at the feast (besides, the lamb and pork roast, of course). All in all, this weekend has made my last few weeks here memorable and pretty awesome. I am going to miss these guys when I leave school.

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