Presenting The Capstone – That’s Right!

Now that it finally feels like spring, things are starting to brighten up a little bit here at the Bash. Not much has really happened these past few weeks, mainly just getting classes finished up. In the next few days (on Friday specifically), the psychology department will be heading down to Butler, and all the guys will be giving talks on their final capstone project.

After an arduous data collection the first weeks of this semester, I finally had a chance to relax a little bit before I actually compiled it and analyzed. If I can recall back to a blog a few weeks ago, I was seeking to find if there were differences among female rats given different hormone treatments on a decision making task. Because I had too few rats in the project, I didn’t really get any significant differences, but I noticed some “trends,” which is kind of a cool start for a pilot study. I will be giving the talk on Friday with my classmates, and it should be a good time!

Other than that, I have a couple tests to study for, and I am waiting to hear back from some schools on some job positions. I will keep people updated as I go! WAF!

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