It’s Warm Again?

I have been locked up in a cold winter prison for the past few months. It’s about time I got to see some consistency in the weather!

Now that the weather is warming up a bit (though not entirely up to that sweet spot), its about that time to get out and enjoy some of that fresh spring air. With school back in full swing and things slowly but surely wrapping up, there are a lot of things to get excited about besides the warm weather. Though I have not gotten anything finalized, I have been applying to internships for over summer. It is kind of a grind because the process seems later than when I usually get this tackled, but I like my chances. I just submitted my application on the Peace Corps. and am now just finishing up some of the health questions. Hopefully I get word back on that soon. Time will tell!

Big Mike Nemeth Catching the Pigskin

Looking to the future can sometimes be a scary process. Why not kick back and enjoy the spring with some football? That is exactly what I and the house did on Friday afternoon during the kickoff of Honors Scholar Weekend — for three straight hours. All of the swimmers joined in and grabbed some fresh for the first time in what has seemed like ages! Then me Matt Schramm, Anthony Repay, Wyatt Tarter, Joel Paquin, and I rounded for the pool and hung out at the giant rope for a while.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend. School is a grind, but the payoff will soon emerge. The sun’s out and everything just seems a bit brighter!

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