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It’s that point in the semester to start buckling down again. Amidst the ice and the flurry of snow, one must put those boots on and grind out the Wabash schedule. My last semester here has been no easy road, unfortunately.

To give you an update on my two projects, I am just now starting my decision-making study for my psychology capstone project. We had some difficulties getting all the supplies we needed, but we now seem to be on track. I did my first day of testing, however, and I have hit a few road bumps in terms of length of time of the actual performance of the study, which is quite longer than I expected. Instead of running the task for three hours in a day, it just got bumped up a few more hours, which is kind of beyond my threshold. Hopefully a better strategy will put the time back down.

Speaking about my film project, things are going well. I am almost done with pre-planning the film. Right now I am in the process of finding a location, but things are looking good so far. I just have to find an apartment to set all my stuff! Let’s just say it’s been a little busy!

Hopefully everyone is getting back into the swing of things. The swim team is going to NCAC conference for their final meet of the regular season this week (leaving Wednesday), and it looks like we will be getting some fast times this year. I am pretty excited to see how my buddies do! Good luck swim team!

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