When Will it End

The Aftermath of Last Night’s Snow Bath

Between snow raining down from the sky in Crawfordsville for the past some odd weeks and Georgia turning into the real-life Walking Dead, as cars have been abandoned in the streets of Atlanta, it makes makes you wonder when this snow madness will end! I, for one, used to pretty much love seeing the snow, but now I can see the extent of its damage on the people’s daily lives. If only this was happening during the break!

Meanwhile, I’ve been starting up on my film project and neuroscience project for the semester. The film project is going along just swimmingly, with actor preparation and the first script reading out of the way, I feel like things are going in a positive direction. For my decision-making neuroscience project, I have been set back a little bit just because we ran out of a certain pellet to give my rats during the maze trials. However, barring any other setbacks, I should be done on time!

Because it’s so cold outside, I’m not sure how much moving around people will be making for Super Bowl weekend. At our house, it will probably be a pretty relaxed day. It will be some good time off from studies and homework, that’s for sure!

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