The Beginning of the Last Semester – Crazy!

I think that as a final semester senior, it’s easy to get reflective and sentimental about the past years at Wabash. But there is still one more semester to go! I thought it would be a huge relief to be in the homestretch. There is a ton of work to be done, though.

In Other News, It’s Still Snowing. Found a Deer Track Outside Our House, Which Is Kind of Cool

It has only been one week into classes, and the semester is already a little crazy, in terms of class time and amount of work. I have a couple of projects that are all beginning at the same time. This semester I am finishing up my capstone film project, which I will begin filming in a few weeks. I also am running a rat study over the next three weeks, involving hormone manipulation of females during a decision-making maze paradigm. In addition to chemistry, a writing course (which is a great review), and a classics course, my work is cut out for me right now. All I can do is just take it in stride.

Another Winter Snow Alert for Monday. Be Prepared!

It’s been fun getting the two projects set up so far. For the film project, I have had a lot of luck getting into contact with various faculty; and early this week, I should be showing my script to a couple of interested actors, which is really awesome. For my rat study, I just finished setting up my manipulations for the maze. Also, Andrew Fulton and I are finishing up the actual building of the maze, which was made from scratch the old-fashioned way – wood, nail, and hammer. So, right now, you could say things are a little busy, but they are a pretty exciting way to start off my final semester! WAF!

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